Cat Breeds That Love Water

While most cats are known for their aversion to water, there are several breeds that exhibit a unique fondness for it. This article explores nine such breeds, highlighting their distinctive traits and reasons for their unusual affinity for water.

Turkish Van

The Turkish Van, known as the 'Swimming Cat', is naturally fond of water. Originating from Lake Van in Turkey, this breed has water-resistant fur and often enjoys swimming.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora, with its long, silky coat, is not only beautiful but also an adept swimmer. These cats may even join you in the pool or bathtub! 


Siberian cats, with their thick triple coats, are well-equipped for water play. Their dense fur, originating from cold Russian climates, makes them comfortable in wet conditions. 


Bengals, known for their exotic appearance, are highly active and enjoy interacting with water, whether it's a pool, fountain, or even a shower. 

Maine Coon

Maine Coons, the gentle giants of the cat world, have heavy, water-resistant coats. They are known to play in water and are excellent hunters. 

Egyptian Mau

The energetic and adventurous Egyptian Mau enjoys water play. Their graceful build and fast speed make them agile in water activities. 


Highlanders, a newer breed, are known for their love of water, matching their inquisitive nature. They are playful and can be trained for water activities. 

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat, with its dense coat, is adept at traversing through water. Historically, they fished for meals and traveled with Vikings. 


Savannah cats, with their strong hunting instincts, are comfortable in water. They enjoy paddling in water and are highly interactive and playful. 

These water-loving cat breeds show that cats can have a diverse range of preferences, including a surprising love for water. Each breed brings its own unique charm to water play.