Cat Breeds that Dont Shed

Explore cat breeds that don't shed much, offering a solution for allergy sufferers and those who prefer a cleaner home. From the hairless Sphynx to the sleek Russian Blue, these breeds are as low-maintenance as they are charming. 


The Sphynx is naturally hairless, a top choice for reducing allergies. They require basic grooming and make great snuggle partners.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats have curly, short fur that sheds less. They're playful, making them perfect active playmates.

Devon Rex

Devon Rexes have a curly-haired coat and form tight bonds with their owners. They love attention and are highly social. 


Burmese cats have a short, fine coat and are affectionate, often wanting to be by their owner's side.


Birmans have a non-matting coat that requires minimal grooming. They're intelligent, gentle, and adapt well to living with families.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthairs, often described as short-haired Persians, have a thick, dense coat that sheds minimally.

Russian Blue

Russian Blues shed over a short period once or twice a year and are easy to groom. They're known for their gentle temperament. 


Siamese cats have low-maintenance coats and shed minimally. They're known for their distinctive blue eyes and vocal nature. 

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthairs, related to Siamese, are easy to groom and come in over 300 colors and patterns.


Donskoys may be hairless or have short peach-fuzz fur, making them a great low-shed option. They enjoy being the center of attention.


Bengals have a velvety soft coat that sheds minimally. They're curious, athletic, and affectionate.


Bombays have a sleek, black coat that sheds very little. They're smart, inquisitive, and outgoing.


Peterbalds may be totally hairless or have a variety of low-shedding coats. They're smart, vocal, and incredibly affectionate.

Each of these low-shedding cat breeds offers a unique blend of personality and ease of care, ideal for various lifestyles.