Calmest Cat Breeds

Explore the world of the calmest cat breeds, perfect for a peaceful home environment. From the fluffy Siberian to the affectionate Ragdoll, learn what makes these breeds the epitome of tranquility. 


The Siberian cat, known for its sociable nature, loves cuddling and fits well in homes with other pets. Rare in the U.S., they're a treasure in any household.


Ragdolls, with their striking blue eyes, are known for their docile nature, melting into your arms like a ragdoll toy when picked up.


Persians are the epitome of calm, loving to be petted and purring easily. Their distinct smooshy faces require regular grooming. 


A mix of Persian and Siamese, Himalayans enjoy lap time and play, known for their gorgeous long fur and striking blue eyes. 

Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are recognized for their folded ears and owl-like appearance. They're even-tempered and form deep bonds with their humans. 

British Shorthair

Known for their silky fur and gentle nature, British Shorthairs can be shy but become well-rounded with early socialization. 


Burmilla cats, a cross between chinchilla Persians and Burmese, are affectionate with striking green eyes and a silky coat. 


RagaMuffins are large, cuddly cats with soft fur that doesn't easily mat. They're known for their impressive size and affectionate nature. 


Birmans, historically temple companions, are affectionate and follow their humans around, disliking being left alone. 

American Shorthair

American Shorthairs are easygoing yet playful, originally valued for their hunting skills on the Mayflower. 

Each of these breeds brings a unique blend of tranquility and affection, perfect for a peaceful home.