Breeds of Cats with Big Eyes

Cats with big eyes not only offer an adorable appearance but also provide a window into their emotions and thoughts. This story showcases 12 cat breeds whose large eyes enhance their expressive faces and endearing qualities. 

Cornish Rex

Known for its curly coat, the Cornish Rex also boasts large, oval-shaped eyes, often gold in color, enhancing its captivating gaze. 

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex, famous for its curly coat, has large, oval-shaped eyes that give it an otherworldly appearance, with eye colors ranging from aqua to blue. 


The tiny Singapura, with its large, expressive almond-shaped eyes in hazel, green, or yellow, is known for its affectionate and playful nature.  


The hairless Sphynx is known for its lemon-shaped eyes and human-like expressions, with eye colors like icy blue, aqua, and green. 


Persians have round, full eyes that stand out on their flat faces, often in bright blue, green, or copper, adding to their exotic look.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are known for their large, rounded eyes and folded ears, giving them a quintessentially cute appearance.


Burmese cats, descendants of the native copper cat of Burma, have large, round eyes in glowing green or gold, adding to their allure.


The Tonkinese, a cross between Burmese and Siamese, has large, rounded eyes in exotic colors like aqua, sky blue, violet, and gold.

Russian Blue

Russian Blues have triangular heads with round, wide-set eyes that transition from yellow in kittens to green as they mature.

British Shorthair

British Shorthairs have large, round, well-opened eyes, often in gold, complementing their round faces and dense coats.


Abyssinians have large, almond-shaped eyes that are unique in the feline world, often surrounded by a thin dark line. 


The Chartreux, a French national treasure, has round, expressive eyes, typically in deep orange, complementing its blue-gray coat.

Each of these breeds brings its own charm and personality, with their big eyes offering a deeper connection and understanding of these beautiful creatures.