Big Ear Cat Breeds

Explore the fascinating world of cat breeds with big ears. From the playful Abyssinian to the sleek Sphynx, these cats are not just about looks; their large ears enhance their hearing and add to their unique charm. 


The Abyssinian's large ears contribute to its alert and curious nature. This ancient breed is known for its intelligence and playful demeanor. 


Balinese cats, with their large triangular ears, are a longhaired version of the Siamese. They are affectionate, chatty, and enjoy being around their families. 


The Chausie, a hybrid breed, has tall, wide ears set at a slight angle. They are active and prefer interactive play over lounging. 

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats have distinctive bat-like large ears and a wavy coat. They are intelligent, active, and outgoing, but not typical lap cats. 

Devon Rex

Devon Rexes are known for their 'elfin' look with enormous ears. They are highly social, fun-loving, and retain a kitten-like demeanor throughout life.

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Maus have broad ears that curve forward, giving them an alert look. They are athletic, good sprinters, and love to climb. 


Orientals, derived from Siamese, have prominent, triangular-shaped ears. They are fun-loving, athletic, and form strong bonds with their humans.


Savannah cats, a cross between domestic cats and wild African servals, have big, tall ears. They are intelligent, energetic, and need lots of exercise.


Siamese cats have sleek bodies and ears in a darker color than their coats. They are sweet, spirited, and known for their vocalizations.


Sphynx cats, known for their hairlessness, have huge ears and eyes. They are friendly, cuddly, and known for their entertaining antics.

Each of these cat breeds with big ears brings its own unique charm and personality, making them fascinating companions.